Version 0.6
Cow yard redesigned
Added water (with free water hole behind the grass)
here and there a few fixes and multiplayer enabled (error free aufm Dedi)
added new buildings
here and there a few decorative items

Merchant renamed (Big thanks to Madmex for support)
Diverse trees Removed at the fields (for performance reasons)
HofSilo inserted
Courtyard 1 Remodeled
Seed Fertilizer sales at the Schaafen
Feed mixer (pigs, cows)
Launch vehicles updated (straw rescue DLC, Jungtimer DLC) Will of course continue !! Not required !!
And since the last update is so long ago, I’ll probably forget one or the other
Have fun and please play with a new score. New fields and pastures have been added

!Danger! The map is still in the alpha so really only for people who want to test the map or help me to develop it further 🙂 (almost ready for the 19er make)
This is a replica of my hometown in the Rhein-Erft Kreis a flat map with open Mapbegrenzung (Dekofelder)
It is drann daily and from time to time there are then updates (functions, fixes and extensions) Currently, only the basic structures are on the stand. Houses, yards and sale (except for water tarpaulins)
The current version is only intended to bridge the time to release a little and left me a little feedback.
I tried to connect the real environment withthe LS17 so that it is at least playable and not only realistic, some things were left out and much could not be realized until now but is in progress.
Currently in progress:
add further fields (20 fields currently active and various meadows)
Add decoration objects
Get MP ready for the Dedi
Insert feed mixer (cow and pig farm)
Finish main object and build new buildings like gas station zb
Intersection (traffic light system) and traffic as well as pedestrian insert
Schrotti + Rewe etc. get ready (industrial area)
Just turn signs again (set up)

Required mods for full fleet:
Deutz: https://www.modhoster.de/mods/deutz-9005a
Profihopper lawnmower: https://www.modhoster.de/mods/amazone-profihopper-2017-edition

To the card
Em Kroetzche is a pub that is currently under construction from scratch, so it’s not on the map yet.
There are several courtyards and of course also possibilities for Unterstellen.
This is my first card of certainly expandable. There was just an idle phase where there were no good cards. But maybe one or the other likes it. In the finished version there is also the starting fleet and the placeables.

Have fun with the map and please leave feedback;)
s.besten Discord would be grad if synonymous to send pictures Discordlink: https://discord.gg/x8nHYjE

Credits: Texturen und Modell: RitchiF
fasi, Eribus

Map Creator/Modder:

Ifkonator, Kevink98, BlackyBPG
RC-Devil and Marhu
Westfälischer hof tepe (kuhstall)
Modell: Gallinger
->Selbst Gemachte Texturen (Fremdentwendung nur auf Freigabe!) (Gallinger)
Idee / Konzept: Gallinger

mutterfischer futtermix
Kastor, Marhu,Kevink98,Joker301069,Farmer_Andy

Forgotten Plants Textures:
by Eribus

Autor kevink98/Nils23

Modell: SanAndreas / Giants
Textur: SanAndreas / Giants
Script: kevin98
Idee / Konzept: SanAndreas
Tester: HoT online Team

Lagerhalle gewerbe
Modell: fqC art.
Textur: fqC art., CosmicHD
Ingame: fqC art.
Lightpaket: Niggels Modding

Idee / Konzept: Redphoenix90
Tester: Redphoenix90

Em_Kroetzchev06 (file size = 878 MB)

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