This map is a little oriented to the administrative district Emsland. It lies high in the north of Germany and offers fertile soil as well as idyllic landscapes. However, the map differs from the original in order to offer more variety. This mainly concerns the otherwise flat land of northern Germany.

A closed beta was already held before the release. All the errors named by the testers have been patched. However, inconsistencies or bugs can still occur. Please report this to me in a private message.

[36x fields | Field emissions Biogas plant]
In this map, of course, a distinct agriculture is possible. In total there are 36 fields. All shapes and sizes are represented. Fields that are not in your possession are dynamically simulated. You can only buy fields from other farmers.
After a successful harvest, you can either deposit your yield on the farm, sell it profitable or manage the local biogas plant. The latter, of course, also brings neat counts!

[5x forests Sawmill | Realism]

In addition to agriculture, forestry is also possible. Each tree on the map can be felled and edited. There are a total of 5 large forests with comfortable forest paths to reach even with heavy equipment through the dense forests.
In the forests are mostly two coniferous tree species. As a result, the forests are extremely dense and not monotonous.

[Cows | Swine Chicken]

All animals are located directly at the farm. Pigs have a spacious spout with a small barn. The cows come in a spacious, walk-in stable with pasture. Chickens are located in a small, also accessible stable, directly at the house again.

In the immediate vicinity of the farm is the animal dealer. There the four-legged can either be picked up and taken out, or brought to the farm at the expense of the dealer.

The yard:
[Driving silos Animated Halls lots of space]
The courtyard is very large and modern. There are, besides cow and pigsty, four large halls on it. Three of them have animated gates, which can be opened or closed via the mosaic keys. Three small keil silos for storing crops are installed in a hall.
Two other large silos are also on the farm. They can be covered. If you like realism, you can borrow car tires from the biogas plant to complain about the silo.

Even more…
[Biogasanlge | Village | Attractions]

This card offers much more! For example, a large and modern biogas plant is waiting for you to be farmed! There is also a small village with a fun basketball court and other sales outlets.

In the overview:
36x fields
12x meadows
5x forests
4x sales outlets
Cows, pigs and chickens
Biogas plant
Modern courtyard
And much more.
Note: In a later update the AI ​​traffic is installed. Unfortunately I missed the time so far.

Credits: Projekt von: Ems-Agrar
Entwickler: Incourse | Jammerlappen
Tester: Donkeyroller | Benky Wenky | Erik L. | Lukas S.


FS17_EmslaJnd  (file size = 793 MB)

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