FAHR M66 V1.0.0

Hello. I have converted for you the Fahr M66 from the LS15.

Version 1.0.0
Bug with rectangular lights has been fixed

Here are a few dates
Maintenance costs: 89 €
Power: 40kW / 54hp
Capacity 1500l
Fits: Driving M66 cutter
Crops: Wheat, Barley, Rapeseed, Maize,
So! And now I wish you a lot of fun.

Credits: Modell aus dem LS15 stammt von speedy77.
konvertiert von Bergfan1

fahrM66 (file size = 10 MB)

One comment

  • I have another FAHR combine namely the FAHR M600 mod

    The one generally available on the various modhubs has a small bug . The original mod converted anonymously from Giants’ 15 mod to 17 works perfectly on fields that are perfectly flat but on uneven or rolling fields lowering the header raises the driving wheels making harvesting impossible. (try the original mod on field 2 of Altenstein for example)

    I have fixed the mod by raising the lowered position of the header by 5 degrees and now it works perfectly.

    Feel free to upload to any modhub

    Thankyou everybody for all the work you have done to absorb all my free time 🙂

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