Farming Simulator 2019 – Release Game News

farming simulator 19 mods

farming simulator 19 mods

It has been spotted on @Farmingsim Twitter page that Farming Simulator 19 is in the making and to be release this FALL 2018.

Also our team prepared a website where you can download the latest farming simulator 2019 mods when they are released. Make sure to bookmark it and follow the news.

farming simulator 19 download

farming simulator 19 download

What do you guys want from the upcoming FS19 game?

Leave a comment below with your requests!


  • Marcio

    Yeahhh !
    From upcoming FS19 I want real physics in ground (wet, mud) and implemented seasons. This will be great 🙂

  • Žilvinas

    Man patinka viskas kas susyja su miškais, tad norėčiau, kad butu ir kitu gamintoju medvežės ir medkirtės, ponsse kaip ir atsibodo, yra gi valmet, logset, roksse ir daug kitu, beto norėčiau, kad medkirtės turetu tokia funkcija kurios skirtu medi ir turetu bent funkcija skirtingams ilgiams pjauti , na bent penki skirtingi, kuriuos nusistat galimetu pačiam, dar butu gerai kad šakos ir viršunės nedingtu, juos gi galima sumalt į čipsus, kad kristu kur nors į kruvą ar valksnas, ačiū už dėmesį

  • a.w

    work and better support for exuvators

  • tommy

    more crops, like cotton oats, peanuts. Also better and more machines for planting corn. More tractors, and choses of trucks, like duel wheels and flat beds. Would like to see some more of old tractors like ford, or new Holland, case, and MF. 165 HP to 275 when the game starts. I like maps that the roads are not so narrow that big equipment can not get though. Also do not put fences on each side of the narrow roads. The gold Crest valley map for me was just right. Maps like that is what I like.
    would like to have choses of male or female workers, and be able to name them. Would like to be able to sale land if you buy it, and decide you do not want it. Just wanted to say everyone is doing a great job at bringing things out for everyone. I know everyone is hard to please. So keep up the good job

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