Have a new MF 8700 for you.

Expansion to V
– 4 new color configurations
(Sapphire blue, graphite gray, Lemken blue and a darker green [similar to the shade of the JD 6R)
– Black color configuration reworked, slightly stronger black taken
– new additional terminals

(Maschio, Lemken, Bednar, Krone, Samson, Pöttinger, Horsch, Veenhuis and another by MuellerElektronik)
– Connections for DynamicHoses now also in the front
– Rim color selection (same colors as body)
– Change the license plates depending on the engine
(Chipped version has the 8700 mark)
– xml reworked
– New engine variants: 8730, 8735 and 8740
– Performance data and values ​​adjusted

The conversion does not come entirely from me, originally it comes from FarmerSteven and is in the
Version available on the Modhub.
The following has been done by FarmerSteven:

– animated door, roof hatch and rear window
– Interior lighting
– Rotating workhorse with IC
– Door can be opened from the outside
– Wide tires with wheel weights
– Driving lever and accelerator pedal animated
– Care unit
– Wide TM1000

– small color selection (MF-Red, Blackedition, Green, MF-Gray [as with the rims])
– additional motor configuration with 480PS (8737chipped)
– additional wheel configuration TM1000 + weights
– DynamicHoses connections at the rear
– illuminated front and rear indicators
– Lifetime increased (2000) and maintenance costs decreased (from 360 to 300)
– Design choice 1:
– Without accessories (without decoration)
– Interior accessories (hammer, gloves, docks, drinks, oil cans, ice pack)
– Accessories (toolbox)
– Complete (indoor and outdoor)

Credits: Giants Software GmbH Bonecrusher6

FBM17_MF8700_BC6(file size = 31 MB)

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