This is a Fendt 500 Vario which is often used as a general purpose weapon at the court.
It can be used very well for field or mowing and even for front loader work.
It is available in 3 different engine versions.

With this model one can decide whether one wants to have a hitch to open or a whole.
It has many small but also great functions which make the driver’s work easier.
What can he do:
– Wheel color selectable
– Motor power selectable (513/514/516)
– IC doors / rear window / light interior)
– Front loader console selectable
– Desing selectable (black, white)
– equipment selectable (professional, power)
– Tires selectable (standard, wide, …)
What was done:
-IC extended (fender on / off, front window open / close, terminals on / off (Pöttinger, Amazone, Krone)
– Terminals added
– GPS is added / hidden via IC
– Ripening system added / selected
– Front window to open or whole added / selectable
– Indoor sound
– Open Door
– Extras added (ax, chain, screwdriver, …)
– Exhaust smoke
– Approval Script
– DH Back and front
– FL connection with DH
– new FL protection
– RU selectable (one, two, small, large)
– other little things

Credits: Giants Software GmbH Grundmodell: 820PowerLs DynamicHoses: THEFalcon Edit: Laufenten6 Scripte: Laufenten6/Deutzfahrer112

FBM17_Fendt500new (file size = 62 MB)

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