Version 1.1.
– Camera des Pickup gefixt
– Der Pickup hat ein Netz erhalten
– Animation bei dem Förderband angepasst
– Säcke vom Förderband können jetzt direkt in den Pickup oder Hänger (Brantner) geladen werden

– Man kann jetzt mit dem Förderband während der Befüllung stehen bleiben, und es werden trotzdem neue Säcke gespawnt.
– Collision und Filltrigger der Säcke angepasst. Man muss genauer arbeiten, damit man Säcke einfüllen kann (mit F5 sieht man die Trigger)

Since the pallet handling in the LS17 is still quite annoying and I still play with the smallest devices, I have experimented somewhat and the following has come out:

A pack consisting of:
– Buyable fertilizer, seed and pork bags which can be loaded by hand and filled into the fertilizer spreader, tipper or shovel. (Capacity 100 l / sack, so you can still carry them)
– A pickup with straps (optional transport network) to transport small items.
– A converted conveyor belt, which can fill fertilizer, seed and pig feed in bags.

– Pig feed must first be thrown into a shovel to feed. The bags are not accepted by the pigs.

– If you buy a sack, you can then simply buy with the Enter key (Return) more … This makes it a lot more bearable when you buy several bags.

– The standard Brantner tipper can also be used as a means of transport for the fertilizer and seed packs. As in real life, a sack tears off and then you have loose fertilizer, or seed in the dump truck, can tilt it off and pick up with the shovel again.
(The pork bags snap much faster)

– Press the button “X” in the pickup instead of the tensioning straps … This can be adjusted with the right mouse button

Credits: Giants, slowtide63


fs17_slow_fertiliz (file size = 21 MB)

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