Changelog V1.2.1.0
– Helpicons inserted into tipper and trailer.
– create your own shop category “handwork” (as last, so as not to confuse the others)
– hanger a bit broadened that now also pallets can be loaded.
– Sacks are now recognized by the belts.
– Small bug fixes

Changelog V1.2.0.0
1) Single axle car trailer added (original model of modall freely applicable to all)
– Converts to LS17
– LS17 lights installed
– Straps / net (as with the pickup) installed
– Color selection (The wood gets an influence of the respective color)
2) Tandem tipper for transport of piece goods added. (Original model by John Barleycorn, who gave me permission to publish)
– Converts to LS17
– LS17 lights installed
– Color selection and tipping function of the mouse was included in the original model, had to be changed only slightly.
– No straps installed, as I do not think it necessary
3) Added additional fill types, which can also be loaded onto other tapes. The following is included:
Potato sugarBeet fertilizer seeds pigFood rape sunflower maize soybean barley wheat manure
4) Added some sack for potatoes so that you can fill your potato machine (not available from the Grimme band)
5) PigFood has a new “logo” on the bag, so you can distinguish it from the potatoes.
6) All new fill types can also be filled as fertilizer, seed, so you do not always have to go to the shop, but can convert some of its crop back into seed and fertilizer.
Seeds: sugarBeet rape sunflower maize soybean barley wheat
Fertilizer: manure
Potato sack: potato
Pig feed: pigFood
7) Further small bugfixes and tries to prevent duplicate files.

Since the pallet handling in the LS17 is still quite annoying and I still play with the smallest devices, I have experimented somewhat and the following has come out:

A pack consisting of:
– Buyable fertilizer, seed and pork bags which can be loaded by hand and filled into the fertilizer spreader, tipper or shovel. (Capacity 100 l / sack, so you can still carry them)
– A pickup with belts (optional transport network) to transport small items.
– A converted conveyor belt, which can fill fertilizer, seed and pig feed in bags. Also field fruits can be converted into seed.
– tipper for transporting bags
– Single axle trailer for transporting the bags

– Pig feed must be thrown into a shovel first to feed. The bags are not accepted by the pigs.
– If you buy a sack, you can then simply buy more with the return key… This makes it a lot easyer if you wanna buy several bags.
– Press the button “X” in the pickup to get a net instead of the tensioning straps … This net can be adjusted with the right mouse button
– Known problem when loading fertilizer, seed and pig pallets (poplar and seedlings work perfectly):
If the pallets are loaded onto the trailer and then the belts are attached to the car, the pallet can block the trailer, since this is then fixed to the car.
The problem is that these pallets have huge fillableTriggers (see photo) which range up to the car belts.
Tip: First load the car and fix it with the belts, then load the trailer with pallets.

Credits: Modell: Giants, slowtide63, Kipper: LS15 von John Barleycorn, Einachshänger: LS15 von modall
Textur: Giants, slowtide63
Script: slowtide63, FillablePalletFix.lua von Xentro, addStoreCategory.lua von Ifkonator
Idee / Konzept: slowtide63
Tester: slowtide63


fs17_slow_fertilizerj (file size = 31 MB)

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