EN: Hello! Just like in 2015 today I propose my conversion and optimization of the Fiorentini 200 of Vitali and Marcolussi modding, is a 3-axle dumper with a capacity of 38000 liters, can carry anything and is usable in medium and large companies,

thanks to Vitali And Marcolussi modding for granted permissions, good fun !! Upgraded versions in the future, I devoted myself to conversion, normal mapping, new ingame, new animations, has all the specifications of 2017!
Plain: 38000 lt
Working lights, with directional arrows
Lifting piston animations, tailgate slippers, hatchback
Exhaust Particle and Default Exhaust 2017
The mod is equipped with washable dirt
Tire tracks

Credits: Model: Vitali-Marcolussi modding (fs 2013)
Texture: Vitali-Marcolussi modding-Gianlufarmer92
Script:Giants software
Idea / Concept: Vitali-Marcolussi modding 2013-Gianlufarmer92 Fs 2015/2017
Testing: Gianlufarmer92 staff

FS17_Fiorentini_200 (file size = 18 MB)

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