Flatlands V2.0

Uploaded by brownthumb

Well right out of the gate let me say that this map is a figment of my imagination.
How else would there be a sea port at the south side of a place that looks and feels
like it came from somewhere in the american midwest. The map has most of the features
of the original maps, with a few exception’s. The main silo will handle all products
of this map, except manure, who wants that mixed in with their food.

There is a silo
near the sheep pen and big storage building for the manure. You own 4 fields at the
start, one ready to plant, one wheat, one canola, one corn, all the grass fields on the
outside edges of the map can be used for hay. The canola field is to get you started on
making your own fuel for the gas station on the main courtyard. There is a small fuel
storage area on the main courtyard in the parking shed, put fuel in on the backside near
pigpen, take it out on front side. There is a standard fuel station over near the fermenter
in case of an emergency, but i guess i need to quit talking and leave some things for you
to figure out. Oh, there is a fuel sell point at the dock for when you have more than you need.
There is a train and all of it’s silo’s are in place and working, the railroad mill has a working
dumpsite on the back side for those that don’t want to use the train..well so much for the stop talking
bit…lol. The kotteMilkBarrel and kotteUniversalPack of Farmer Andy is needed for the milk and fuel.
Empty concrete pads placed around the map for placeables.
No restrictions, if you like the map and think others will, put it where they can get to it.
No error’s in editor or game play logs.

Credits: brownthumb,Giants,GTX Mods,t0xic0m,kevink98,Funky,XaaD,Dorset,CBJ Midwest Modding,Farmer_Andy,Marhu,Buschi,Kastor,Auwgl and if there is anyone i didn’t list, I Thank You!


FS17_Flatlands_V2 (file size = 971 MB)

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