This barel is available in 2 different versions. It is able of loading fuel of the Fuel Station, so you can fill up the vehicles you want to or put it on your farm as a mobile fuel Station.
More over the second Version can be used for lor transporting Liquid Fertilizer, Digestate, Water and Manure, These can be loaded on the loading Points for These type of liquids and you can also serve the helper while he is busy working.

Capacity: 20000 l
Price: 19800€
Maintenance: 25€ / Day

Manure Hoses System ready

Add Filltype Digestate

Required Mods:
– Hose System (By: Wopster and Xentro)

Credits: LS-Modsource/Modder Rolf

FS17_itFliegl_PC (file size = 8 MB)

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