Ford Crown Victoria Police Cruiser V1.0

Uploaded by RaceTime911 (TheChase IsOn)

This is a Ford Crown Victoria Police Cruiser. The most iconic of police cars!
Perfect for keeping law and order in Goldcrest Valley, or whereever you happen to be.
– Unique, siren sound (loop)
– Flashing lights / strobes

– Headlight fog
– Customizable Engine
– Functional Lights / Signals
Top Speed : 80 mph
Fuel Capacity : 60 liters
As seen on my Youtube Channel – in this video!
(Check my Youtube channel for other mod releases!)
Dependencies (necessary for the sirens/strobes to work) :
LightsAddon by VertexDezign : (Download) :

Credits: RT911, VertexDezign


FCVPC  (file size = 28 MB)

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