Here comes the progress E 516 B Package
2 Geringhoff folding cutters in green and blue, where her rape plate dealer or workshop other u. Remove can, besides, of course, there’s the original progress cutting where also the rape plate, and the dividers can be broken down to u..
Last but not least I made you another Maisgebiss finished.

Everything was possible we have encouraged and built, all cutting units and the thresher.
ALL works with helper function and has been tested without errors (MP we did not try).
The mod must be unpacked !!!!!!
Credits: AirVolk and Tonda CZ (chassis, Progress SW)
LS agricultural machinery (Geringhoff reapers)
Maiky1989 (corn head)
This mod is a REWORK, ie it was rebuilt by us, made LS17 ready, Animated and new textured.
We thank the Urmoddern
This mod and associated matters are not “stolen” but rebuilt and made fertg for LS17. It is and has been to build our honor these parts and things to ver-order and new.
Should UrModder offended ausgenutz, peed or otherwise feel that, we take the Mod gladly again from the portal, only makes the LS gamers nothing !!!

Credits: Modell:AirVolk and Tond CZ
Textur: OHV
Script: OHV
Idee / Konzept: OHV
Tester: Ronny G., OHV


fs17ohv_fortschritt_e516b_pack_entpacken (file size = 34 MB)

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