Hi, I’m Szymek98, I’m giving you this map because there was no point in keeping it, and besides, there is Christmas Eve and some gift will fly.
The map is small .. There is a lot of underdevelopment but it can be played. I did it for 4 days so.

Besides, I sent this map to my “friend” for tests, but unfortunately he did it, the next maps I will test myself or give to my colleagues whom I trust.
WARNING! The map has mistakes!

The map has:
1 Farm
Diversified terrain
Small fields
About 30 fields and 3 meadows
Purchase of Straw
Skub the grain
Such a climate

Credits: Autor: Szymek98 aka FoxPL
Pomoc: Puma145

FoXikovo_Szymek98 (file size = 179 MB)

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