FS17 John Deere 6800 V1 Update
John Deere 6800 Harvester 653hp
Speed 26 250,000 Liters Detailed inside & Out..

Header 980 CF12 Maiz & Sunflower
SuperFlexDraper45FT Header Basic Fruits
Delete the old one and replace with this one..
Reskin of my Newholland Harvester
I fix the error it had All is fixed now!
All Is Washable! No Errors in Log Have Fun Enjoy!

Credits: GIANTS Software Eagle355th

FS17_John_Deere_6800_V1NEW (file size = 34 MB)

One comment

  • chris

    eagle355 everyone you have modded that i have tried has thrown an error code on my end even the ones that you say no error codes????? just a little heads up. it may say no error on your end but on other peoples computers it might show and error. i have tried like 10 different mods that has your name in it has had error codes.

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