FS17 – KAMAZ 5410 AND NEFAZ 93344 V2.0

Version from 03.03.19
A small update of the KAMAZ.
Added color choice of lining.
Rooms were added.

The mod is fully adapted to play with the mod Gear Box
(Gear Box mod on gear box).
Spelled out the right number of transmission and gear ratios.
The mod has a ten-speed gearbox. It consists of a basic five-speed manual transmission and front-side gear — gear splitter, due to what has ten gears forward and two gears for reverse.
The letter N or V next to the gear number (in the Gear box label) indicates the lowest or highest gear.
The mod also has a differential lock function using gear box.
The mod has:
– Power: 154 kW / 210 HP;
– Speed: 80 km / h;
– Fuel tank capacity: 250 l.;
– Price: 85 000 €;
– Daily service fee: 420 €;
– Choice of 3 engine options (210l.with. 240 HP.with. and 260l.with.);
– Primary color selection;
– Choice of colours (lining)
The choice of color rim;
– Choice of design (with or without spoiler);
– Use the mouse to open the door;
– Animated propeller shaft, suspension, fenders;
– Has a trailed device;
– Working lighting;
– Working dashboard;
– Working mirrors;
– Leave no trace;
– Dirty and clean.

Semi-Trailer NefAZ-93344:
– Price: 12 000 €;
– Daily service fee: 9 €;
– Primary color selection;
The choice of color rim;
– Removable awning;
– Animated suspension and mud flaps;
– Volume: 28 000 l.;
– Working lighting;
– Leave no trace;
– Dirty and clean.

Credits: Eraevgenij,Alex44Rus,Orel57RUS

Download (file size = 52 MB)

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