FS17 LOTICE V1.1.0.0

– Seasons mod supported
– New mCompany graphics info for factories and therefore some product names have been changed
– Farming tablet mod supported
– Factory displays show info although production is turned off
– Silo bunker colision fixed
– Some corrections in languages
– Bad price for milk in a dairy. Fixed.

Lotice is a fictional map that includes all the features of Farming Simulator 17.
The standard animals (cows, pigs and sheep). Chickens are missing.
Crop/Grass textures with many other new textures. There is new grains: Oat, Rye, Spelt, Millet.
Removable bushes and trees between fields. If you cut the trees then bushes disappear. You can join and connect your fields and meadows so you can use big equipment.
Dynamic sky and new terrain and foliage textures.
Doors and gates can be opened from the car.
You can turn on and off light in almost all halls and sub-floors.
Trains for driving are not installed. Trains are used to sell goods with a lever like on the Sosnovka map.
Forestry,sawmill area and missions all included. 100 Gold Nuggets.
Lots of animated objects birds, butterflyes, horses, cats ,dogs,train,people,traffic etc.
Traffic with speed (50 km/h) and new cars.
Chopped straw. Mud mod. Free Water.
Buyable objects to promote long-term motivation, BGA, CompostMaster 2k17, Slow Soja, WoodChiper .They products (beer, flour, compost, pig food, woodchips).
You can to sell milk and SoyMilk in the Dairy shop.
Various next sounds across the map.
Tip collisions for better FPS.
Free log

I Hope you all will like this map.

Credits: 99David

Download (file size = 1,5 GB)

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