ChangeLog v2.1:
This is a small bug fixes release.
Fixed color brake Lights.
Fixed that the windows come through the doors.
Fixed l10n warnings.
Fixed LAU issue when you press the U button (this command is not supported).
MAN TGS 10×8 Kipper Truck

The MAN TGS is a multiaxial kipper, the 10×8 is a real jack of all trades who also in the zand can do its work!
This MAN TGS is provided with sterrable and liftable mid-axis that can be lifted in the terrain.
The two rear drive axles are a widespread configuration build with hydraulic suspension.
Thanks to these suspension the MAN can be completely leveled before you tip. This increases the stability and security while tipping.
The MAN truck not only provides a stable but also a highly manoeuvrable vehicle.
Truck information:
Name: MAN TGS 10×8 Kipper Truck
Price: €279.500,-
Daily upkeep: €749,-
Horsepower: 480, 580pk
Skin: A helmer B.V.

Credits: Model: Giants, CebuljCek Modding, Bobje, Beunheas.

Texture: Giants, CebuljCek Modding, Bobje, Beunheas, Richard.

Ingame: Giants, Bobje, Fa285634.

Testing and fixes: Bart, Richard.

LUA from: Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)


nld_ahelmerbv (file size = 59 MB)

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