FS17 – MAZ 514 V1.1.1

The mod includes a truck MAZ-514 and a trailer for it.
Fixed work with cursor.
Now the truck is no longer afraid of combines.
All parts are now painted separately
(grille, wings, roof, body, sides)

Added a few more colors to the color selection.
Wheel disks are not painted yet (I will deal with them later).
The truck is fully adapted to the Gear Box mod (mod on the gearbox)
Real transmission ratios are registered for each gear,
Now the truck has 5 forward gears and 1 reverse.
If you are playing without a gear box, then there’s nothing wrong with a truck that works fine without it.

Truck MAZ-514:
– Power: 180 and 230l.s.
– Speed: 90 km / h;
– Fuel tank capacity: 300 liters;
– Price: 29 500 €;
– Maintenance cost per day: 10 €;
– IC management;
– Engine selection;
– Select the primary color;
– The choice of design;
– Choice of color design;
– Animated driveshaft, suspension, mud flaps and gearshift lever;
– Working light engineering;
– Working dashboard;
– Working mirrors;
– leaves traces;
– It gets dirty and washes.

– Cost: € 5,500;
– Maintenance cost per day: 5 €;
– Body volume: 20,000 liters;
– Select the primary color;
– Choice of color design;
– Animated suspension;
– Working light engineering;
– leaves traces;
– It gets dirty and washes.

Credits: SDK, Orel RuS

Download (file size = 85 MB)

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