I introduce you to my Mitsubishi i-MiEV. He looks great. Of course he also has the mark of an electric car. That’s the way it is.

This car costs 23,970 €, he is 120 km / h fast, has 70 liters and has 67 hp.

He has the sound of an electric car. Fun Fact: The sounds are from the Farming Simulator 2013 (Golf Kart).

Normally, as soon as I upload Mods somewhere, I always make a video and put it on YouTube (Lumius), but this time it was different. On the one hand, I had no desire to make a video, on the other hand, I wanted to upload a mod for fun here on Modhoster.

What I also have to say: I do not want my channel consists only of fashion ideas. Also a reason why I uploaded this mod here and did not make a video.

Credits: Modell: SketchUp
Textur: Lumius
Script: Unbekannt
Idee / Konzept: Lumius
Tester: Lumius
Sonstige: Basis von Volvo V40 Fahrer (Lizard Syncer Basis)

Download (file size = 19 MB)

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