Vehicles and trailers for transporting containers

V1.0.0.0, new mod
V1.1.0.0, added TGS20Multi
V1.2.0.0, added SemiTractors for containers
V1.3.0.0, major update to support multiple containers on one Truck or Trailer
V1.4.0.0, new loading options for TGN40 multi
V2.0.0.0, added TGS10, TGS30Multi, TSDH10, TSDH30Multi, TGD30Multi
V2.0.0.1, GC update

Hello everybody,

I am very sorry, but for various reasons, I had to rename the mod, which is why the ZIP file is now different:

This only applies to versions smaller than!

The old version FS19_ATC_TransportationPack.zip must therefore be deleted from the modfolder.

So you lose nothing, I recommend the following procedure:

Sell ​​all existing vehicles from the old version first
delete old version of the pack (FS19_ATC_TransportationPack.zip)
copy the new version of the pack (FS19_ATC_ContainerTransportationPack.zip) into the mod folder
Start game and activate mod
Buy all vehicles again

Sorry 🙂

I’m making the first version of the ATC Transportation Pack available today.

This version contains 4 trailers for transporting containers:
TGN40 – Goosneck SemiTrailer for 40 ‘containers
TGN40Multi – SemitTrailer with central attachment for each 1×10 ‘or 1×20’ or 1×40 ‘container.
TGD20Multi – turntable trailer with central attachment for each 1×10 ‘or 1×20’ container.
TSDH20Multi – rigid drawbar trailer with central attachment for each 1×10 ‘or 1×20’ container.

You can find all the pendants in the shop under Trailer / Diverse

There were problems with the unloading and various Colli problems with the transport (slip the container without reason).
As long as the unloading problem is not completely solved, only the central attachment of a container remains on the 20 ‘frame.

Credits: concept, Alfredix
modelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix, Sprinter, meerstonk, opa Andre, ralfroehn, Legolas2905, Agarwen
PCS Skin, Sprinter
Hof Hirschfeld Skin, Agarwen
scripts, LS-Modcompany (GlobalCompany)

Download (file size = 108 MB)

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