Also a craft project is this Deutz Fahr 9 Series.

ChangeLog v1.1.0.1:
– ModDesc version raised to current patch
– Soundsets selectable (Thanks to Nastus!)
– License plate for selection
– Exhaust fumes increased / changed
– warning signs to choose from

ChangeLog v1.1.0.0:
– New colors: gold and wood added
– Extended wear time

Have been done:
– Flue gas smoke changed
– Disc tinted
– Horn changed
– Xenon light installed
– New engine to choose from (580 horses Chiptuned)
– New wheels to choose from (Balloons)
– New colors to choose from (Chrome!)

The prices have stayed.
If there are errors then please report in the channel “#bugreports” in the Discord. Thanks!

Credits: fsm-team

Download (file size = 5 MB)

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