Hello MH Community,

Today I introduce you to another Windturbine, this time an Enercon system, which is based on the “Placeable Windturbine” from the Mod hub. Unlike this attachment, I changed the texture and size.

It is about the size of the Vestas Windturbine and has the same functions as well as costs and revenues.

These look like this:
Price: 1.500.000 €
Maintenance costs: 500 € per day
Power per hour: 2000kw
Revenue per hour: 2000 € (easy), 1500 € (normal), 1000 € (difficult)
The Enercon Windturbine is paid on the difficulty level “easy” after 32 days, on “normal” after 42 days and on “heavy” after 62 days, and then earns profit.

There are 8 different rotations, so I’m using a new category called “Windenergy”.
As you can tell by the title, this is a big version. That means there will be a smaller version in 3 weeks with some other textures!

Special thanks go to Ifko [nator], who allowed me to use his script “AddStoreCategrory”.
The mod may not be uploaded to any other mod pages.
Have fun!

Credits: Modell: GIANTS Software, FSven
Textur: GIANTS Software, FSven
Script: GIANTS Software, Ifko[nator]
Idee / Konzept: FSven
Tester: FSven

Download (file size = 6 MB)

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