FS19 – FACE WEIGHT FENDT 3000KG V1.0.0.0

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, I want to explain something to you. Creating a mod like this is not so easy from the start, there is a lot of work involved, and of course every modder is looking forward to a lot of downloads, but anyone who creates a mod for the community would be happy if they received a small reward would.

So now why you are here;)

Here I provide you with my somewhat “idiosyncratic” weight, it is still not completely finished but already quite good.

Configuration options:

color choice for main color (normal, chrome, matt)
color choice for the grid (normal, chrome, matt)
dyear tires Setting the labeling whether Vario 1042, 1050 etc.)
What is the weight of everything:

LED lighting LED indicators in the headlights (known from my Fendt Vario 1000)
Luminous safety 7 boundary stripes on the weight
the weight is 3000 KG.
Headlights work like work lights (with light gel)

Credits: Model: PanikersHD
Texture: PanikersHD
Script: Ifko [nator]
Idea / concept: PanikersHD
Tester: Agrar Ost & West, Agrar Österreich, Mario Hülz,

LS19_NoseWheights_PHD (file size = 2 MB)

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