Hello this is my first map with tunnel and highway. I’m not done yet, but I’m very interested in your opinion. Please feel free to give tips or suggestions, and if you find any errors please report. Only when it is finally finished will the MB size fall below 300.

Without my consent, the map is not linked to other platforms or under other names
Crash barriers are from:
Idea: timely
Development: funker
Ingame: Sven777b
Further processing: timely
Are really great crash barriers thumbs up.

TuneWar from the Bettingen
I have unfortunately not reached you if you do not agree since please Report dan I’ll take the streets and crash barriers immediately back out.

Modell: Ursprung von Gians
Textur: Original und von mir geändert
Script: Gians und Falk66
Idee / Konzept: Falk66
Tester: AGRA Nord
Sonstige: Danke an Jonny und Chris

Download (file size = 519 MB)

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