Mod Patch Notes (Feb/28/2020)
New Mod – Mount Togo Logging Map
New Mod – Cat 535d Grapple Skidder
New Mod – Closed Cage Forwarder
New Mod – Giants Self Loader

All Maps – Based On Feedback From Last Update, I Have Added More Weight And Stability For The Logs, They Are Easier To Handle And Don’t Stick To Each Other
All Machines/Trucks/Trailers – Stability And Small Performance Changes To Increase Functionality
All Locking Trailers/Forwarders – Fixed Issue Where Logs Would Jitter Out Of Control While Locked In Any Machine Cage
All Locking Machines – Fixed Issue Where If Parked To Close To Trailer Machine Could Be Locked Down
All Tension Belts – Improved Grip On Logs And Stability Way Easier To Hold Logs And No More Jittery Glitching Unstable Locked Loads

All Trailers/Machines – None Of The Machines Are Lockable To Trailers Anymore, They Now Auto Lock To The Trailer Similar To Ingame Just By Driving Onto The Lowbed, You Still Can Knock Them Off The Trailer At High Speeds Or On Hard Impacts, So Drive Carefully

Barko Forwarder – Added More Length To The Bed For Support Of Longer Logs
Small Arm Dangle Clam – Changed To Black Color To Blender Better With Other Machines
Small Arm Dangle Clam – Fixed Large Collision Brace On Top Sticking Out
Pup Trailer – Fixed White Missing Texture On 5th Wheel Plate
Forwarder – Increased Turn Angle Range
Forwarder – Decreased Turn Speed (Better For People Using Keyboards)
Tigercat880 – Fixed Logo Letters Floating Off Boom
Tigercat822 – Fixed Missing Shader On Boom Causing Color Difference On Stick
Highstacker – Fixed Tension Belts Not Reaching Full Range Of Bucket
Waratah Dangle Processor – Stability Adjustments Smoother Operation And Less Gltiches

Discontinued – C100 Buncher Head (The Majority Of Users Are Choosing The C350 Over The C100 As It Is Superior For Felling)

Mod Patch Notes (Jan/31/2020)

New Mod – Timberpro 765 Black Widow
New Mod – Lifted Giants Truck
New Mod – Utility Trailer
New Mod – Autumn Valley Logging Map

Error Correction – Fixed Issue That Caused Mass List Of Errors Due To Duplicate Specializations On Loading New Game/Equipment
Error Correction – Fixed Issue Where Game Would Constantly Try To Rebind Existing Key Bindings Causing Slow Load In Times

All Maps – Trees Physx Update (New More Stable Trees For Grabs And Use Of All Machines, Not As Slippery On The Ground And In The Grapple)
All Attachments – Weight And Balance Adjustments
All Trailers – Added More Weight For Less Bouncy More Weighting Hauling Feel
All “Tires” – Fixed “Dark” Blackout Look In Dark Areas With New Specular, Now Brighter In Dark Areas
All “Tires” – Made Better Mud Spread On Tires
All Buncher Heads – Added Butt Plates Cover On Top Of Cutter Saw
All Buncher Heads – Collision, Spawning And Overall Functionality Improvements

Cat D6k Dozer – Removed Winch Due To Conflict With Skidder, You Can Now Use The Skidder To Winch While Using The Dozer For Plowing At The Same Time
Fixed Power Clam – Added Cylinders
Forestry Grinder – Improved Cut Speed And Detection Of Ground Logs/Bits For Grinding
C350 Buncher Heads – Improved Grip On Collector Grab Arms, Easier Grabs Less Chance Of Trees Getting Stuck On Blade
Small Arm Dangle Head – Slight Size Increase For Better Log Grabs
Giants Hauler Truck – Added More Weight And Pull, You Can Now Pull Multiple Machines On Same Trailer
Giants Hauler Truck – Tons Of Stability And Hauling Improvements
Barko Forwarder – Has Wider Bunk On Back For Loading More Wood
Barko Forwarder – Now Lockable To Lowbed
Barko Forwarder – Fixed Missing Axles
Cat535d – Fixed Missing Axles
Lowbed Trailer – Fixed Sliding Issue When Machines Parked On It
Lowbed Trailer – Lowered Frame And Ramp, Easier Loading/Hauling
Lowbed Trailer – Removed Dirt From Planks Had Weird Repeating Texture Effect
Cat 551 – Fixed Issue Where Stick Would Shoot Up In On First Spawn Of Machine
Cat 325fm – Fixed Description Issue Saying It Was A Madill
Cat 325fm – Fixed Missing Pin And Offset Cylinders
Madill2850 – Fixed Missing Pin And Offset Cylinders
Tigercat880 – Fixed Missing Pin And Offset Cylinders/Boom
Linkbelt5040 – Fixed Missing Pin On Stick Cylinder
Timberpro 765 – Fixed Light Blocks Sticking Into The Cab
Timberpro 765 – Fixed Visible Bolts Clipping On Top Of Cab
Tigercat Clambunk – Now Lockable To Lowbed
Sawmill – Improved Collisions And Cutting Ability When Feeding Logs Into Grinder

Mod Patch Notes (Jan/10/2020)

New Mod – C-350 Buncher Head In Both Red & Yellow
New Mod – Small Arm Dangle Grapple (Works Best On Forwarder)
New Mod – Pulpwood Grapple Which Model Credit Goes To “Lias” Amazing Work Buddy Big Thanks!

All Mods – Every Mod Has Now Been Re-Textured With More Realistic Looking Materials, Colors And Variations No More Cartoon Looking Stuff
All Mods – Various Model Corrections For Any Holes/Faces/Normals Or Missing Parts (Thanks Lias)
All Mods – Various Weight And Stability Corrections For Better Operation
All Machines – Now Have Better Mud Textures On The Full Chassis And Tracks, Some Machines Have Mud On The Cab As Well But Some Only On The Lower Half
All Machines – Now Have Heavier Sluggish Controls To Imitate Hydraulics, Its Only A Slight Change But Might Feel Weird At First
All Tracked Machines – Fixed Tracks So Sides And Rollers Are All Lined Up Proper, Cleaned Up
All Tracked Machines – Fixed Track Width So It Matches Perfecting To Track Visual/Collision Width
All Attachments – Every Attachment Now Fits On Every Machine Regardless Of Size, Small Arm And Full Size, This Allows Anyone To Do Any Combo They Want
All Plow Blades – Now Spawn Level With The Ground When Purchased
All Dangle Attachments – When Using Tilting Heads On Machines You Can Now Press “G” To Lock Out The Tilt Function, Pressing “G” Again Will Allow Tilting Of The Head.
All Trailers – Now Have Added Joint On Back Of Trailers To Add The Pup Trailer To Build Road Trains
All Maps – Random City And Wrong Sounds Are Now Removed, Only Ambient Sounds Of Nature On Whole Map (Thanks Myrithis Catalyst)

Dangle Head Processor – Has Been Reworked And Balanced For Better Operation, Can Still Glitch If Your Operating Violently, Just Don’t Go Crazy Swinging Trees
Highstacker – New Grapple “Pulpwood Grapple” Which Model Credit Goes To “Lias” Amazing Work Buddy Big Thanks!
Fixed Head Processor – Secondary Claws Have Been Added Back By Popular Request With Full Operation In Sync With Primary Claw
Dangle Clam Grapple – New Claw Type, Easier Log Pickup
Wasp Processor – Lowered From Grab Claws For Better Log Pickup
Timberpro – Fixed Head Tilt So It Has Better Curl Range For Dropping Logs With Buncher Head And Processor
Timberpro – Fixed Track Floating Higher Than Other Machines Issue
Barko Forwarder – Fixed Head Tilt So It Has Better Curl Range
Pup Trailer – Can Now Be Attached To Any Existing Fdr Trailer As An Extra Attachment
Sawmill – Fixed Issue Where Logs Would Get Stuck When Fully Loaded + Improved All Infeed Collision Walls
Sawmill – Sell Prices Slightly Reduced
Sawmill – New Grinder Textures
Sawmill – Ugly Loading Ramps Replaced With Iron Bars, Moved Ramp Back A Put For Unloading With Smaller Machines Near Front

Discontinued Green Forwarder
Discontinued Grapple Saw
Discontinued John Deere 2154
Discontinued T800 Kenworth
Discontinued T800 Kenworth Self Loader

Mod Patch Notes (Dec/07/2019)

All Maps – Log Weights Significantly Lowered, This Provides The Best Weight For Machine Operation
All Machines – Universial Controls/Sensitivity Across All Crane Arm Attachement Machines
All Machines – Tracks No Longer Slide Or Turn While Turning Cab Of Machine When On Lower End Pc Or Low Fps Times
All Tracked Machines – Huge Update For Smoother Driving Balance And Opperation
All Wheeled Machines – Huge Update For Smoother Driving Balance And Opperation
All Attachements – Weights Lowered For New Log Weights And Better Overall Machine Balance
All Trucks – Fixed Issue That Caused Trailers To Jump Back When At Full Turn

Grizzly Mountain – Removed Plot Sections For Purchase, Whole Map Bought Like The Other Maps Now
Waratah Fixed – Made It So Only 1 Set Of Claws Close, Other Set Has Been Reduced In Size For Log Support, Faster
Processoring Easy Grabs
Small Arm Fixed Clam – Adjusted Collisions And Shapes For Better Log Collection
Timberpro Tl765 – Fixed Fps Drop Issue
Barko Forwarder – Balanced Suspension And Turning As Well As Brake Stopping For Smoother Travel And Log Collection
Barko Forwarder – Fixed Exit Point Issue Getting Stuck In Cage
All Trailers – Now Have Slight Amount Of Slide On Tires So They Don’t Jump At Full Turn
Med Log Trailer – Is Now Black Instead Of Red To Match The Other Trailers
Lowbed – Reduced Weight And Balanced Suspension For Smoother Hauling
Kenworth T800 – Fixed Issue Where Exhaust Stacks Where Shiny Reflective
Kenworth T800 – Reduced Weight And Balanced Suspension For Smoother Hauling/Driving
Kenworth Self Loader – Reduced Weight And Balanced Suspension For Smoother Hauling/Driving
Giants Hauler Truck – Reduced Weight And Balanced Suspension For Smoother Hauling/Driving
Highstacker – Fixed Issue Where Head Would Get Stuck Sideways At 90 Degree Angle
Highstacker – New Remodeled Grapple
Sawmill – Replaced Stakes With Inner Drop Plates So Loads Of Wood Can Be Dropped Into It Like A Bowl
Sawmill – Added Lights For Nighttime Unloading
Sawmill – Increased Sell Price For Wood

Discontinued – Ultility Grinder


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