EN: Original European map for FS19 pulled out for own edition editing. Change what you want according to yourself

PL: Oryginalna Europejska mapa do FS19 wyciągnięta do własnej edycji przeróbki. Pozmieniaj co chcesz według siebie

DE: Ursprüngliche europäische Karte für FS19 für die Bearbeitung eigener Editionen. Verändere, was du willst

FR: La carte européenne originale pour FS19 a été extraite pour sa propre édition. Change ce que tu veux selon toi

Credits: GIANTS Software, EpicPryd

FS19_Felsubrunn (file size = 184 MB)

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  • Pajan1984

    If u don’t know what u need for ModMap, then do not upload these halfway file’s. Where are “textures” directory?
    Where are “shaders” directory? Where are “shared” directory etc.
    If anyone haven’t main game installed, are these file unusable. Giants editor v8.0.0 can open it, but whole map is with blank 3D models without texture’s.

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