FS19 – FORTUNA K270 V1.2.0.1

ChangeLog v1.2.0.1:
– Info text bug (lock drawbar) fixed

ChangeLog v1.2.0.0:
– New image renewed
– New wheels to choose from (Alliance by [TWD] Rick Black Labele)
– Volume slightly increased
– License plate selection installed
– modDesc version raised

ChangeLog v1.1.0.1:
– Tiller lock installed (It is the button for “Pickup lift / lower”!)
– New dirt / scratch texture installed

ChangeLog v1.1.0.0:
– Black tarpaulin redesigned
– Extended wear interval
– New wheels to choose from

So here comes a Fortuna …
First of all, this is a conversion!
It is not perfect but for our purposes and given the age of now 5 years, absolutely sufficient for us.

Have been done:
– Model completely pushed through the 3D tool
– LS19 material system installed
– LS19 light system installed
– Dyn. Hoses installed
– Grain slider animated
– Color choice for the tarpaulin installed
– Volume 27000 liters
– Price: 26900 Öre
– Tail on stern including hose and power cable connections

Credits: fsm-team

Download (file size = 9 MB)

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