FS19 – FRAESE V3.0

Converted from Fraese FS17. This is a Bulk Blower that will pickup basicly, anything and load it into the trailer of your own choosing..

Recommended operating speed of 30km. Currently have yet to find a way to control shovel forward speeds, if anyone knows of a way plz comment below. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy as much as I have.

Credits: FS17 Version Shout-out to “chrisu70”. Converted to FS19 by “SlimJim”

Download (file size = 3 MB)

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  • Knottypine

    This never properly worked in MP for me in 17, it would work at first until you bought one. Then afterwards the server wouldn’t load next time I tried to log in. Wonder if this conversion actually works well in MP for 19?

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