Hello, hereby I introduce you my Map Frohnheim, this is a 4-fold MAP with all standard fruits, there are about

Version Frohnheim Multifruit
New fruits rye, spelled, millet and poppy added
Corrected farmyard, stored fruits are displayed in the overview, storage capacity 800,000 L per fruit
Added traffic (to be extended)
In Frohnheim now run a few people.

40 fields between 8 and 90 ha. It is for players who like maps with large helper friendly fields. The fields are exclusively rectangular and have at the beginning and end large areas for the turning trip. Since there are only a few such maps, this is even created. It is only tested in SP mode. All fields are defined and also purchasable, there are several points of sale as well as a BGA. The basis of this map is based on the empty quadruple map of Kastor and I hereby thank him and all other modders for all the objects I used to create this map.

Credits: Farmer_Schubi

Download (file size = 877 MB)

One comment

  • Tom Henningsen

    Hi Farmer_Schubi

    it is nice and good map that you have made but.
    There are some problems with it, the two silos that you have put on the farm take them away and the same with the two open halls you have in the middle of the square. another problem is that if I want to put something in the yard then I can place a thing and then I have to save and close the map and then I can open it again and then place one thing again and then save and close the map.
    I can see you put rail into the map but I can’t find the train anywhere?
    But a super good map and I am looking forward to correcting the errors it has

    Best regards

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