FS19 – HALLE / TORNAU 1982 V1.1

Version 1.1
– Features revised
– Shadows and sun revised and even more
– Score can still be used

Functions of the map:
-Rinderoffenstall permanently installed
Pig mast firmly installed
-Chicken, dog and sheep permanently installed
-Kärcher, large slurry storage, 5 points of sale, distributed hydrants (water, liquid fertilizers and pesticides), large farm silo all fruit varieties firmly installed
-very big BGA with 3 big silos
– Lime, fertilizer, manure and seed removal point permanently installed in the yard
-Glue and fermentation buy firmly installed
-1 Built yard large with lots of storage space and laundry
-2 Empty big courts for multiplayer
-2 open spaces for eg. Mixing plants
-1 meadow
-28 fields from tiny to very large
-2 large villages and a field working airfield
everything is signposted on the map

Conversion and modification of the map is not allowed! Only with agreement of modders Note: § 12
Rights of Map Halle / Tornau own only SMOK and LS models

Credits: Modell: SMOK
Script: LS-Modelle
Idee / Konzept: SMOK

Download (file size = 945 MB)

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