Welcome to Hohenbrünzow a small town in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District.

Version 2.0
Start yard improved on “New Farmer”
– woods added
– Fixed several small bugs
– Decoration details added
– Water trigger

There are so far installed all LS19 standard functions.

– 14 fields
– 6 meadows
– Bring your harvest
– 6 points of sale

Forest in 1 small forest and take it to the sawmill.
the train is only decoration and should only drive over the map .. tip turns off in the option to train 😉
then have fun!
MfG Holden & Fischi
HB modding on Youtube

Credits: Idee / Konzept: Holden & Fischi
Tester: Holden, Fischi, Max, Peter, Toni, Thomas, Stebi
Sonstige: Ein großes Dankeschön an alle Modder, deren Objekte ich verbaut habe (größtenteils aus LS15/17)

Download (file size = 256 MB)

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