Storage for fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, lime, pesticides and seeds

Version 1.0.3
Adaptation to GC

HoT tools
HoT pallets storage
Fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, lime, pesticides and seeds
Here finally a camp where you also see what’s inside;)
Okay, actually, there are 2 camps

Warehouse 1:
Assumption: pallets and lots
Output: pallets only

Warehouse 2:
Accepting pallets and lots
Edition: pallets and lots
Seeders, fertilizer spreaders, lime shakers, etc. can be filled directly

Storage capacity 200,000 L each
+ 200,000L in the hopper.
Oh yes, the manhole that was stolen last night after …
therefore only a mark on the ground
Pallets are ejected around the building.
For the blind is on it what’s in it …
Acquisition costs: 1 Download: / ok € 100,000
Residue due to a cheeky user request …. no, I will not make any further storage for xyz pallets, since everyone has his own, his own filling volume and often different sizes.
So conclude with the Geseier, who loves is good, who does not leave.
Have fun!

Credits: San Andreas

Download (file size = 2 MB)

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