10 Tractors: H488, Fiat, Lintrac 90, Fastrac X2, Steyr X2, Lambo Mach 230, Big Bud 450 and 747

Increased Travel Speeds
Decreased Price (Roughly 5%)
Tire Options added to some
and finally, they can be STRAPPED!!!

BIG Thanks to: BAMF Modding for the idea, Exley Modding for improving the idea aswell as error chasing, and Papa Smurf for his error chasing.

I have made most strap visually pleasing for single tire options, wide and duals will most likely clip but its still a step in the right direction.

*There is a known error with all the tractors running off one specialization. However its only at load up and I havent seen any issues with the functionality of the mod.

Credits: Iconik

Iconik_TractorPack_FS19 (file size = 132 MB)

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