FS19 – IHC 554-644 V2.0.0.0

This mod is the IHC644 / 554, it is based on the IHC 644 from Kreters-island and was converted by ihcpower733_official and SD1808 into the LS19.

What has been changed?
– Bug fixes
– Tire conges revised (twin wheels, care tires, original rims)
– Animations in the driver’s cab revised
– New weight configs
– Removed construction console and front loader with tools

Information about the mod
Price: 14,800 €
Engine configurations: 554/644/644 cranked
Tire configurations: 2WD / 2WD wide tires / 4WD / 4WD factory tires / 4WD wide tires
Design configurations: RKL / No RKL
Cabin configurations: roll bar / Fritzmeier M701 roof / Fritzmeier M701 / Fritzmeier K9115 / Comfort 2000 cabin
Front loader: None / Stoll
Weight: No weight / weight plates (individually selectable)
Colors: Various shades of red / black / DLG exhibition model 70 years IHC
Rim colors: white / gray / beige
Exhaust color: beige / black / gray
IC Controll (thanks to private private)
All LS19 standard functions
New texture system
Original information
The IHC 644 was built in Neuss am Rhein from 1974, it was the successor of the IHC 654 and belonged to the Perfect series (B family)
Production of the 644 ceased in 1980 and was replaced by the 733.
From 1976 the tractor could be equipped with the closed Comfort 2000 cabin.
It was factory equipped with a 60hp four-cylinder engine and had a top speed of 33km / h.

Credits: converted by SD1808 / ihcpower733_official
3d model: kreters_island
3d modifications: Puma, Juli7250, Fabian/Gogobear
textures: Puma
scripts: BM Modding
sounds: Dennis Veltmann
ic-control: privatprivat
supports: privatprivat
Copyright © by Kreters-Island

FS19_IHC_644 (file size = 26 MB)

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