FS19 – IHC C FAMILY V1.0.0.0

IHC C-family built in 1981-1985

What was done?

Model revised and completely brought to Ls19 standard
Model in merge-group construction
Stoll FL console partly new built including hydraulic connections for Stoll F30 or Stoll Super1
New rims installed
New exhaust flap installed

New sound (and yes it has to be so loud: D … “That must press in the face otherwise that’s no good!”)
Interior completely covered with new fabric
Seat upholstered in brown leather
Interior lighting
New license plates added
Interior animated
Rear window, door and skylight animated via mouse control
New hydraulic connections for front and rear
Motorconfig 955XL, 956XL, 1055XL, 1056XL
Optionally with Rul-L or Rul-L + R
Optionally with 20-liter reserve canister
Optionally with weight carrier, case weight or Stemplinger front hydraulics
Optionally with additional headlights
Color choice for tug (base), FL console (design) and rims (used or restored)
Many wheel / tire configurations (Trelleborg, Mitas, Michelin)
—–> many little details <—–

Price: 28750 € plus painting, conversion and transport costs

Credits: Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Projektumsetzung: FBM-Dani-86,FBM-Bremi456,Paddel[Create_a_Dead]
weitere Mitwirkende: Butters / BTS,FBM-Puma,FBM-Lukas2002,Kreters-Island

Modell Ls17: Osszilator/MW-Team
Fronthydraulik Ls17: Oylerhenry
Sound: lb286
Tester: Nastus1,FBM-Team und McBee/MW-Team
Video: Nastus1

Weitere: Osszilator / Kreters-Island
Thanks for Permission to Rework!

Download (file size = 20 MB)

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