FS19 – JOHN DEERE 6R – 6M + BREDAL K105 – K165 V1.0

First Up here is a HUGE! thank you to NW for your very kind donation and support sir. Regards Stevie.

Second up I appreciate all of your patience regarding the Fenton Forest public release I’m sure it won’t be to long now.

Lastly here’s a few mod updates for you, they all have extended repair intervals now. The John Deere 6M and 6R have dual narrows added to their wheel selections and a CBradio which Luke BK has kindly made tonight for them. The Bredal’s have had twin narrow tyres added as well.

Credits: Stevie

Download (file size = 44 MB)


  • Franky Claeys

    merci pour tous set très beaux mod

  • Joe

    Hi hi awsome made tractor, love it and i like the narrow double tires you have on al your john deeres, i am using them al but this particular modd tractor he back suspension is to soft, a weight of 3000 makes the suspension back go down alot, like i use the fertiliser spreader that the lift uses back with a load of 3200 and a front weight with 1800 or even a 3300 the tractor will still lean backwards alot, if you could increase the suspension back to carry alot more tons it would be appcreriated alot, also the radio display is missplaced below the radio, the FM text floating in ai, other then that totally awsome tractor mod, like your 8R and 9R too very fun and cool mods

  • fspolly

    Hi . this is a diffrent question, im not sure where i shall printing it. but i now you are the man to do something about it. i look for a steering with a mouse when you press a middle button on tha mouse, im not so god with this english words .
    i hope you understand what a saying. and i hope you can do a sript on that mouse steering.
    tanx a lot.
    love farming.

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