John Deere 7R Series Tractors
210 to 310 engine hp. The 7R Series tractors have high power density because of their low overall machine weight and high horsepower rating.
Couple that with the FT4 engine and the efficiency features found on IVT and e23™ transmissions, and theses tractors are an excellent choice
in transport applications such as silage or manure hauling because they provide fast acceleration and low total fluid economy.

Models: 7R Series US 2018
Max speed: 50 km/h
Price: 238000 €
Power: 210 – 310HP

– Full remodeled to american style
– Openable door
– Realistic starting animations
– Flashers foldable
– All motorization
– Tires RowCrop 30″
– Front weights
– 3-point hitch back
– Frontloader (John Deere H480)
– Protection grids for headlights
– Fenders options
– Beacon options
– Starfire 6000 Receiver
– Numbering to distinguish
– John Deere badges and stickers for the 100th anniversary celebration

Credits: Custom Modding

FS19_7R_Series (file size = 17 MB)

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