☆ I present to you the best Real Polish map for Farming Simulator 2019. As I said, it seems V2 versions with enlarged terrain, improved and repaired!

☆ The most important thing is that the map was modeled on My Real Areas from MAŁOPOLSKA!

☆ The map has:
● Four playable farms (but in real life every 2 houses is a farm, so you can stay where someone is more comfortable)
● Two cereal purchases, purchase of grass, hay, straw, wool and cotton, animals, lime and sawmill
● Purchase of machines and Mechanic
● Refueling machines
● 66 fields from small to large
● 35 small and large meadows
● 11 forests
● Nice Mountainous terrain and level
● Animals
● Machines to start (on loan)
● Polish soil and grass textures
● Gates open to approach
● Road Traffic
● Missions
● Season
● No errors

Credits: Mrkrzemyk

FS19_Kamykowo (file size = 388 MB)

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