FS19 Krone BiG M500 VE Fixed
Mower 543 hp Speed 40mph
Mowing speed 20mph
I fixed the Multiplayer problem
You can hook up Loading wagon
Baler,or tedder to the back
Washable!No Errors in log!

Credits: GIANTS Software, GTXM Mods & Dince FS19 Converted by winston9587 Edit By Eagle355th, Aaron6446, Otis Little bear Modding

Download (file size = 38 MB)


  • ColBoy

    No errors in log!

    This may well be be correct, BUT do you check the xml files before uploading your mods here, as there are errors in them that show up in F1 Controls as below.

    [F] Missing ‘unfold_mower’ in l10n_en.xml
    [V] Missing ‘lower_mower’in l10n_en.xml

    and while you can lower the mower and use it you get

    [V] Missing ‘raise_mower’ in l10n_en.xml

    While I can edit these myself and make it work properly others may not know how.
    I did ‘screenshot’ this, but can’t post the pic here.

  • darkdaz

    Colboy i aint got a clue of how to fix it for my self, would u be able to send me advice on which part of the code to change please eg correct thanks

    • ColBoy

      darkdaz, I’m not ignoring you lol, I’m just a bit busy at the mo. Have you ever changed any xml files on a mod before? I use Notepad++ for my editing, it’s a free download and regularly updates itself giving you the option to get the latest version. I’ll have to play around with the xml files and see what works, it’s a case of editing and saving the xml file one step at a time, checking it for errors, and if clear replacing it in the mod zip folder in game, playing the game to see what works and what doesn’t, as soon as I get a chance to sort it out I’ll come back to you again, cheers

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