FS19 – LEMKEN 560 V1.5.0

Here is another mod from the house Forbidden Mods.
Here is the version 1.5 of the self-loading wagon Lemken 560
What was added:
Capacities config revised again, as some have asked me if you could make smaller.
So I changed it to:
50,000, 55,000, 60,000, 65,000, 70,000, 75,000, 80,000, 85,000, 90,000, 95,000, 100,000
changed and prices adjusted.

Furthermore, a config is installed, with which one can choose different brands.
Choices between:
Lemken, Challenger, Fendt, Claas, Massey Ferguson, Mercedes Benz, Schlüter
Likewise, the matching colors have been added to Bodydesing and Rim.
As a little extra chrome color on the tires.
Additional tires have been added:
CereX2, MachX, CargoX High Flotation, Twin Forestry, TRI2 Standard, TRI2 Wide

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Modder: Alex Blue (FBM)

Download (file size = 8 MB)

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