This set consists of two placeable objects.

At the MANURE IMPORT you can buy manure for fertilization or resale.
With the MANURE EXPORT, you can sell the excess manure from your stables, or resell the previously acquired manure.

You can find the placeable objects from this mod among the placeable objects in the miscellaneous category. You can place these objects freely on the areas of the map, as far as they belong to you.

The MANURE IMPORT and EXPORT are available in the Easy or Profi Mode. In the Easy Mode you can buy or sell the Manure on the Front of the Object. For loading and unloading in the Profi Mode version please drive into the heap.

+ the objects are also displayed in the PDA and you can jump directly to them
+ at the MANURE EXPORT, there are now and again great demands for manure


+ the selling price has been adjusted


+ new texture for the platform


+ The objects got new names. The Manure Shop is now called Manure Import and the Manure Trader is now called Manure Export. That should be easier to understand internationally.

Credits: Holger Sengstock

Download (file size = 2 MB)

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