FS19 – MAUPU 16T + 18T + 24T EVO V1.0

1. Maupu 16T Evo
– Sludge guards
– Wheels
– 6 sides
– Frame
– Bibs

2. Maupu 18T Evo
Yop guys, the return of a Maupu 18T Evo with all these features.

3. Maupu 24T Evo
Yop guys, the return of a 24T Evo Maupu with all these features.

Credits: 3D (FS13) : Maxime Savignard
Texture (FS13) : Alexis Giroud
Script (FS13) : @poc@lypse
Texture (FS19) : Thomas Gatinho
Script et Mise IG (FS19) : Julien Daures

Download (file size = 64 MB)

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