FS19 – NEW HOLLAND CR1090 + QUASAR HS16 BD V1.0.0.0

1. The pipe will unload even in the back position. This comes in handy if you want to unload in to a sell point or at a silo. Also added tracks to the back, or you have the option to have all wheels or duals.
Price: 43,000€
Power: 2000HP
Speed: 60KM/H
Capacity: 100.000
Color Selectable (MATTE,METALLIC,SAIN,OLD Color Packs)
Rim Color Selectable

2. This is the Quasar HS16 corn header edited to attach to a forage harvester. It’s a bit wider than an ordinary header, it’s colorable, and speed up.
Price: 10000€
Working Speed: 21KM/H

Credits: Bdbssb, Giants

FS19_QuasarHS16_Forage_BD + FS19_cr1090_BD (file size = 7 MB)

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