FS19 – NMC 320H PRO SNOW BLOWER V1.0.0.1

A snow blower clears fallen snow by blowing it to the side. With his excellent working width you can clear a road in a couple of seconds!

– The Snow Blower now spawns in shop with the pipe down.

It can handle the biggest layer of snow without struggling.
So just put your cruise control at 15 km/h and start to work your way through the mass of snow.

How to operate it:
First of, this snow blower is not meant to be a over loader, this is “just” for clearing the way in front of you and blow the snow to either side.

You NEED to own the land you want to clear, as the “tip here” function won’t work on non bought areas.

The end on the pipe is rotatable, that means you can rotate the pipe both up and down.
Up if you want to throw the snow a long distance away from the blower and down for closer to the blower.
The highest position of the pipe is meant for more rought hilly terrain.

Price: 7,950.- $
Maintenance: 15 € / Day
Working width: 3m
Maximum working speed: 15 km/h

Credits: North Modding Company

Download (file size = 4 MB)

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