The NF March is Seasons Mod ready and includes 25 Global Company productions!

Version 2.4
Syringes can now be filled at the fluid store
Flying flower box deleted in Halle am Hof
Pulp sales office deleted
Flour factory acceptance empty pallet improved
Sawmill again a little slower and less wood consumption
Sawmill wood chip plan adapted
Sawmill wood chip texture adapted to the conveyor belt
Map spawn point Heutrocknung now in Halle
Mapspawnpunkt fertilizer production adapted
Brauerei fixed pallet label
Wassertrigger malt production increased
Fertilizer production now also takes on compost
House 38 no more parking car
Channel members houses and chalkboard in the shop currently
Fixed mark errors of the pallets

All pallets fix weight, size and pallet fork compatible
Empty pallet, wooden pallet, flour, pellets, sugar, malt, beer crate, beer keg, cardboard, paper, apple, plum, pear, cherry

Name shortened to map for following productions
Apple, plum, pear, cherry, diesel, pellets, crop protection, fertilizer, seeds, sugar, flour, compound feed

Pallet dispenser brewery, malt, sugar, pellets, cardboard, paper, apple, pear, plum, cherry

There are 11 productions that have pallets as a product. There is beer crate, beer keg, malt, paper, cardboard, pellets, flour, sugar, boards, apple, pear, cherry, prune, planks and empty pallets.
Have fun while being productive;)
Multifruit: rye, onions, carrots, spelled, poppy, mixed grain, millet and sorghum,
Other types of fill are built from the map: earth, sand, gravel, beet pulp and compost.
sugar factory
Apple orchard
Pear orchard
Cherry orchard
Plum plantation
diesel factory
fertilizer production
Hay drying hall
Compound feed production
Liquid fertilizer production
Sewage Treatment Plant
pellets factory
Plant protection production
seed production
Pig feed production
Pulp / paper mill

North Frisian plains with attention to detail, typical of dikes, ditches, forests, deco windmills
Large fields (20 cereals, 14 grass)
20 sales stations
2 bga’s
New missions
Very much space for placeable objects of all kinds

field sizes
Field 1: 7,839 ha
Field 2: 10,080 ha
Field 3: 11,754 ha
Field 4: 19,080 ha
Field 5: 8,355 ha
Field 6: 7.122 ha
Field 7: 5,998 ha
Field 8: 7,637 ha
Field 9: 9,045 ha
Field 10: 9,134 ha
Field 11: 3,538 ha
Field 12: 20,846 ha
Field 13: 9,089 ha
Field 14: 9,455 ha
Field 15: 9,649 ha
Field 16: 24,338 ha
Field 17: 5,475 ha
Field 18: 8,331 ha
Field 19: 13,428 ha
Field 20: 2,113 ha
Field 21: 6,076 ha
Field 22: 1,287 ha
Field 23: 4,590 ha
Field 24: 5,228 ha
Field 25: 4.255 ha
Field 26: 1,379 ha
Field 27: 4,237 ha
Field 28: 2,233 ha
Field 29: 3,015 ha
Field 30: 1,653 ha
Field 31: 3,484 ha
Field 32: 0.840 ha
Field 33: 1,798 ha
Field 34: 1,466 ha
Field 35: 0.718 ha
I wish you a lot of fun and good luck on the NF march
Kind regards
FedAction-LetsPlay (my YouTube channel)

Credits: FedAction LetsPlay

Download (file size = 851 MB)

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