This is a placeable sales point for crops and other goods from your farm. It is set up for all default crops and goods except logs.
(wheat barley canola sunflower soybean maize potato sugarBeet sugarCane oat egg milk seeds straw grass_windrow
dryGrass_windrow silage manure liquidmanure chaff wool cotton woodchips)

The store price is 5000 and upkeep of 1 and it is found in misc or Lizaed brand. As of now the sell point is
named Factory Sales. You can change the name and product types in the mod xml folder to suit your map.
By changing the stationName=”Factory Sales” to your desired name:
<sellingStation stationName=”Factory Sales” appearsOnPDA=”true” storageRadius=”0″ litersForFullPriceDrop=”200000″ fullPriceRecoverHours=”48″>

And adding or changing :
<fillType name=”canola” priceScale=”1″ supportsGreatDemand=”true” disablePriceDrop=”false” />
to meet your needs.

Credits: JohnDeere1952

Download (file size = 1 MB)

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