Fillable egg pallet. View this mod as a “trailer” and it’s fill type egg.

Change Log V1.0.4.0:
1. Two pallets are now in the store. One will disappear when eggs are sold the other wont. This is to make player preferance easier.
2. Fixed store image height.

Change Log V1.0.3.0:
1. Remade model to fit egg boxes.

Change Log V1.0.2.0:
1. Fixed lua error when filling pallet when on trailer. Pallet will no longer disappear.
2. Lua error should be fixed as well when selling pallet.

Change Log V1.0.1.0:
1. Fixed xml file name in modDec.xml.
2. Enlarged fill trigger.

Simply get the egg boxes close and it fills the egg pallet. The boxes them self’s don’t load just the eggs so sadly no animation for the boxes, but the boxes do disappear when loading the eggs.

Cost for single use pallet:

Cost for reuseable pallet:

Fill Type:

Fill amount:
2400l / eggs. 150 per box, 16 boxes 2400l

In the store you will now have two pallets. One will disappear when selling the eggs the other will NOT disappear. This is to make player preference easier!

Credits: Model: Giants Software
Editing: McKnightG

Download (file size = 165 KB)

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