FS19 – RASSVET MAP V2.7.5.1

Meet the state Farm “Dawn”! The map began its existence in the distant FS13, and now we can contemplate it in FS19.

Changes v2.7.5.1:
– Map updated for the latest version of the script “Global Company v1.1.0.0”.

Changes v2.7.5.0:
– Adapted to the mod season;
– Minor edits and fixes, added points of sale;
– Added production: sawmill (produces pallets, boards), potato (washing potato packaging), pellet production (pellets for sale), dairy (produces cheese and yogurt), bakery (produces bread), flour production (flour).

A lot of work has been done on setting up the appearance of nature and functionality of the new game. Trouble got the main base and a dairy farm. And throughout the map a lot of differences from the former “Dawn”.

The functionality of the map:
1. The entire area of the map is divided into areas that will need to buy to cultivate crops or even mow the grass.
2. There are standard production-growing cattle (cows, sheep, pigs and chickens), BGA, sawmill.
3. In addition, a sand pit was added, from which you can load sand with loaders and use it for your needs. Or just sell. Of course, first you will need to buy territory with a quarry.
4. The main feature of the map Farm “Dawn”, all the pens are static, ie they do not need to buy. Except the stables.
5. There are various points of sale in order to diversify the gameplay.
6. Many will not be convenient to the HEAD, the point of storage of grain, it is not travel. But on world map done with focus on MP, US THIS suits fully.
7. Ah and the size of the maps the standard 2048:2048 with large fields. One perhaps difficult will play, but for MP the most times.

Map supports mod “Seasons”.

For production needs the script “Global Company”.
For sale, the pallet from the production needs to be unloaded from the car (from the body does not work correctly).

Credits: ben686

Download (file size = 512 MB)

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