Power 135 hp, max speed 10 km / h, price 15,000 euros, dashboard animation. The door automatically opens when you go out, work light, all pedals are animated, gets dirty and washed, you can choose a design. Added Real native engine sounds !!! AUTHOR OF FASHION: -OvErClOcKeR- DT-75M Plant manufacturer: VTZ Model: DT-75M Engine: A-41 Price: 16000 € Engine power: 75 hp Maximum speed: 12 km / h – color choice; – UDIM textures; – working dashboard; – working lighting; – gets old, gets dirty; – The log is clean. DT-175C Plant manufacturer: VTZ Model: DT-175C Engine: SMD-66 Price: 35000 € Engine power: 170 hp Maximum speed: 21 km / h – Color choice; – UDIM textures; – Working dashboard; – Working lighting; – Ages, gets dirty; – The log is clean. Update: Corrected sounds for real ones. Also corrected speed and engine power for original ones. Anyone with a hearing problem walk in the forest. AUTHOR OF FASHION: Mari Darth KPM is designed for high-quality soil preparation for sowing precision crops, moisture closure, provides high-quality loosening and creation of a bed for seeds. Plant manufacturer: Techmash Model: KPM-4, KPM-6, KPM-8, KPM-10 Price: 3140-11200 € Working width: 4-10 m Recommended power: 80-320 l / s Operating speed: from 6 to 15 km / h AUTHOR FASHION: Mari Darth Plant manufacturer: RUB ARZ Model: PLN 3-35, PLN 4-35, PLN 6-35, PLN 9-35, PLN 12-35 Price: 890-8400 € Working width: 1.05- 4.20 m Recommended power: 80-320 l / s Operating speed: from 7 to 12 km / h AUTHOR FASHION: Mari Darth MTZ 1221: Price 47500, power 130 hp, maximum speed 42 km / h, choice of wheels, choice of counterweight , choice of primary color and rim. AUTHOR FASHION: Weder. Umbrella 666. The animation of the controls in the tractor cabin is configured, the pedals are pressed, the levers move. Of course, the seat is spring loaded. At this stage, this tractor suits us in full, I hope it will be to your liking. This tractor model HTZ represents 3 tractors of different years of production. KhTZ 17221-21 of 2010, KhTZ 17221-21 of 2015 and KhTZ 242K.21 of 2018. If 2010 from 2015 differs only in the color of the cabin, then the 242nd already has plastic wings and the air intake is moved out to the side with a high “snorkel”. The mod is equipped with two hinges, one three-point for agricultural units and the second towbar. There is a choice of tires – ROSAVA and Michelin, and the ability to install a pair. Also, for a change, there is a choice of air intakes, classic low, with a direct snorkel and type 242 K. Brief description: Plant manufacturer: HTZ Model: 17221-21 Engine: YaMZ-238 Price: 55221 € Engine power: 240 hp Maximum speed : 40 km / h Authors: – Pavel Vakulov (T-150) – Pavel Lushnikov (StuDeNT) – Dmitry Khaidukov (Norton) – Maxim Senchenkov (dimaks) – Sergey Danilenkov – Ruslan Krestovsky (Ra $$ el).

Credits: Агрария

Download (file size = 324 MB)

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